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Following are mostly asked Vlsi design MCQ test that are designed for professionals like you to crack you interviews. You can take this Vlsi design online test before appearing to you real interview. This Vlsi design quiz there are around 30+ multiple choice questions on Vlsi design with four options.

1) VLSI is stand form ______

  • A. Very large-scale integration
  • B. Visual large-scale integration
  • C. Very large-scale integrated
  • D. Very large-scalers integration

2) In VLSI design, which process deals with the determination of resistance & capacitance of interconnections?

  • A. Testing
  • B. Extraction
  • C. Floorplanning
  • D. Placement & Routing

3) Net-list is generated _______synthesizing VHDL code.

  • A. Before
  • B. After
  • C. At the time of (during)
  • D. None Of Above

4) Which type of simulation mode is used to check the timing performance of a design?

  • A. Gate-level
  • B. Switch-level
  • C. Behavioural
  • D. Transistor-level

5) An Antifuse programming technology is predominantly associated with _____

  • A. SPLDs
  • B. FPGAs
  • C. CPLDs
  • D. All of the Above
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6) VLSI technology uses ________ to form integrated circuit

  • A. diodes
  • B. switches
  • C. buffers
  • D. transistors

7) Medium scale integration has ______

  • A. ten logic gates
  • B. fifty logic gates
  • C. hundred logic gates
  • D. thousands logic gates

8) Which is the high level representation of VLSI design?

  • A. logic design
  • B. HDL program
  • C. functional design
  • D. problem statement

9) Which provides higher integration density?

  • A. circuit level logic
  • B. transistor buffer logic
  • C. switch transistor logic
  • D. transistor logic

10) ______ is used in logic design of VLSI

  • A. LILO
  • B. LIFO
  • C. FIFO
  • D. FILO

11) ____ architecture is used to design VLSI

  • A. system on a chip
  • B. system on a circuit
  • C. system on a device
  • D. single open circuit

12) ______ is used to deal with effect of variation

  • A. chip level technique
  • B. logic level technique
  • C. switch level technique
  • D. system level technique

13) The difficulty in achieving high doping concentration leads to

  • A. error in doping
  • B. error in variation
  • C. distribution error
  • D. error in concentration

14) Integration circuits possess ______

  • A. Three
  • B. Four
  • C. Five
  • D. Six

15) Which circuits work on low voltages?

  • A. Discrete circuits
  • B. Integrated circuits
  • C. Both A and B
  • D. None Of Above

16) What are the types of oxidation?

  • A. Slow Oxidation
  • B. Rapid Oxidation
  • C. Spontaneous oxidation
  • D. All of the Above

17) Oxidation in silicon can be occurred by raising ______

  • A. Volume
  • B. Humidity
  • C. Pressure
  • D. Temperature

18) Doping can also be done by using _____

  • A. Diffusion
  • B. Oxidation
  • C. Ion implantation
  • D. Contact metallization

19) CAD in VLSI stands for ______

  • A. Computer aided draft
  • B. Computer aided design
  • C. Complete aided design
  • D. Computer animated design

20) Which is the software used in VLSI?

  • A. Xilinx
  • B. LOON
  • C. Cadence
  • D. All of the Above

21) ______ is the fundamental architecture block or element of a target PLD.

  • A. Post-layout Simulation
  • B. Pre-layout Simulation
  • C. System Partitioning
  • D. Logic cell

22) : Which among the following is an output generated by synthesis process?

  • A. Gate-level net list
  • B. Circuit constraints
  • C. Attributes & Library
  • D. RTL VHDL description

23) Which among the following is regarded as an electrical fault?

  • A. Delay faults
  • B. Bridging faults
  • C. Logical stuck-at-0 or stuck-at-1
  • D. Excessive steady-state currents

24) After an initialization phase, the simulator enters the ______phase.

  • A. Execution
  • B. Compilation
  • C. Elaboration
  • D. All of the Above

25) What are the steps involved in twin tubs Process?

  • A. Drain Implementation
  • B. Thin Oxide Construction
  • C. Tub Formation
  • D. All of the Above

26) The main areas of design are

  • A. Installation
  • B. Electrical circuit
  • C. Magnetic circuit
  • D. All of the Above

27) Hot rolled sheets have ...........permeability

  • A. Zero
  • B. Low
  • C. Unity
  • D. High

28) CROS cannot be used in _______ rotating machines

  • A. Small
  • B. Medium
  • C. Large
  • D. All of the Above

29) An ideal insulating material should have low

  • A. Dielectric loss
  • B. Dielectric strength
  • C. Insulation resistance
  • D. Thermal conductivity

30) Temperature rise time curve is a

  • A. Parabola
  • B. Hyperbola
  • C. Straight line
  • D. Exponential curve

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