Satellite Communication MCQ

Satellite Communication MCQ

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  • 17th Apr, 2021

Satellite Communication MCQ Test

Following are mostly asked Satellite communication MCQ test that are designed for professionals like you to crack you interviews. You can take this Satellite communication online test before appearing to you real interview. This Satellite communication quiz there are around 30+ multiple choice questions on Satellite communication with four options.

1) Is the geographical representation of a satellite antenna radiation pattern

  • A. Earth
  • B. Region
  • C. Footprint
  • D. Spot

2) The first satellite to receive and transmit simultaneously

  • A. Syncorn I
  • B. Telstar I
  • C. Intelsat I
  • D. Agila I

3) What is the first passive satellite transponder?

  • A. Early Bird
  • B. Sun
  • C. Moon
  • D. Score

4) What is the approximate path loss from satellite-to-earth station?

  • A. 200 dB
  • B. 175 dB
  • C. 150 dB
  • D. 100 dB

5) What height must a satellite be placed above the surface of the earth in order for its rotation to be equal to earth’s rotation?

  • A. 27,426.4 miles
  • B. 23,426.4 miles
  • C. 22,426.4 miles
  • D. 26,426.4 miles

6) The satellite that is used as a relay to extend communication distance is called as __________

  • A. Repeater satellites
  • B. Geosynchronous satellites
  • C. Communication satellites
  • D. Relay satellites

7) What is the reason for carrying multiple transponders in a satellite?

  • A. Better reception
  • B. More number of operating channel
  • C. More gain
  • D. Redundancy

8) Which of the following bands cannot be used for satellite communication?

  • A. C
  • B. X
  • C. Ku
  • D. MF

9) Which technique uses two different antennas to reduce traffic on the same frequency?

  • A. Spatial isolation
  • B. Modulation
  • C. Frequency reuse
  • D. Multiplexing

10) What band does VSAT first operate?

  • A. C-band
  • B. Ku-band
  • C. X-band
  • D. L-band

11) ……………. collects very weak signals from a broadcast satellite

  • A. LNA
  • B. TWT
  • C. Helical antenna
  • D. Satellite dish

12) ………….is a loss of power of a satellite downlink signal due to earth’s atmosphere.

  • A. Path loss
  • B. RFI
  • C. Radiation loss
  • D. Atmospheric loss

13) …………… is considered as the unsolved problem in satellite system.

  • A. Cost
  • B. Access
  • C. Privacy
  • D. Coverage

14) A geosynchronous satellite

  • A. has a circular orbit
  • B. rotates in the equatorial plane
  • C. has the same period a that of the Earth
  • D. has all of the above

15) What kind of battery panels are used in some advance satellites?

  • A. Silicon based panel
  • B. Germanium based panels
  • C. Galium Arsenide solar panel array
  • D. Galium Phosphate solar panel array

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