Rust Interview Questions

Rust Interview Questions

  • Aarush Shukla
  • 31st Dec, 2020
Rust is a programming language that offers the performance of C and C++ but with safeguards to stop developers shooting themselves in the foot. Rust is a modern systems-level programming language designed with security in mind. It provides generics, functional features, zero-cost abstractions, and plenty more. The Rust Programming Language has 125 repositories obtainable. Follow their code on GitHub. The Rust Programming Language (Covers Rust 2018) is the official hands-on, from the Rust developers and no-nonsense guide to learning Rust, at Mozilla. It began as a individual project by Mozilla employee Graydon Hoare and over 5 years grew to become an open-source project accepting contributions from 100 of volunteers.

Rust Interview Questions

1) What is Rust?

2) List the programming paradigms supported by Rust?

3) Enlist some advantages of using rust programming?

4) How do we read a file in Rust?

5) How to get install version of rust?

6) What is gdb and lldb in Rust?

7) Is it is possible to cross compile in rust?

8) What is Cargo in Rust?

9) What cargo new command do in Rust?

10) What is Cargo.lock?

11) How to create a constant in Rust?

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    Brandon Sov

    18th Aug, 2020
    "These are just basic quesions for Rust Interview. Please add more questions on rust programming. Thanks

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