Python Flask Interview Questions

Python Flask Interview Questions

  • Pradeep Kumar
  • 31st Dec, 2020
Python flask is Python based microframework for building web applications.It is Fast and light in weight. Flask was developed by Armin Ronacher in 2010. This Framework is completely written in Python Programming Language and does not require particular tools or libraries to run.

Python Flask Interview Questions

1) Explain what is Python Flask?

2) How to install python flask?

3) What is g in python flask?

4) How to get http headers in flask?

5) How to check installed version of python flask?

6) How do you enable logging in python flask?

7) How to redirect to a url in python flask?

8) What are macros in python flask?

9) What is Flask-WTF?

10) What is use of jsonify() in flask?

11) How to get visitor ip address in Flask?

12) What is Flask Sijax?

13) How to get logged user id in flask?

14) List some important Flask extensions?

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