Microwave Communication MCQ

Microwave Communication MCQ

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  • 17th Apr, 2021

Microwave Communication MCQ Test

Following are mostly asked Microwave communication MCQ test that are designed for professionals like you to crack you interviews. You can take this Microwave communication online test before appearing to you real interview. This Microwave communication quiz there are around 30+ multiple choice questions on Microwave communication with four options.

1) Coupling into and out of a traveling-wave tube can be accompanied by a

  • A. Cavity match
  • B. Direct coax-helix match
  • C. Waveguide match
  • D. All of the above

2) The aquadag coating on the inside of PPI tube is used

  • A. As a second anode and to prevent the build-up of secondary field
  • B. To shield the electron beam from unidirectional magnetic
  • C. To focus the beam of primary electrons
  • D. All of these

3) What allow microwave to pass in only one direction?

  • A. Capacitor
  • B. RF emitter
  • C. Ferrite emitter
  • D. Varactor-triac

4) Oscillators of a klystron tube are maintained

  • A. By plate-to-cathode feedback
  • B. By bunches of electrons passing the cavity grids
  • C. By circulating bunches of electrons within the cavities.
  • D. By feedback between the accelerating grid and the repeller

5) It is possible to increase the maximum range of a radar equipment by

  • A. Narrowing the beam width and increasing the pulse duration
  • B. Raising the peak power of the transmitter
  • C. Lowering the pulse frequency
  • D. All of these

6) A high-power microwave pulse of the order of megawatts can be generated by a

  • A. Magnetron
  • B. Gunn diode
  • C. Reflex klystron
  • D. Traveling-wave tube

7) Rainfall is an important factor for fading of radio waves at frequencies above

  • A. 1 GHz
  • B. 10 GHz
  • C. 100 GHz
  • D. 100 MHz

8) Which causes multipath or frequency selective fading?

  • A. Nearer reflector
  • B. Further reflector
  • C. Large reflector
  • D. Small reflector

9) If k-factor is greater than 1, the array beam is bent

  • A. Towards the earth
  • B. Away from the earth
  • C. Towards the outer space
  • D. Towards the ionosphere,

10) The diagram to show distance time history of electrons in klystron amplifier is called

  • A. bunching diagram
  • B. apple gate diagram
  • C. velocity modulation diagram
  • D. asynchronous diagram

11) A quarter wave line open circuited at far end behaves as

  • A. capacitance
  • B. inductance
  • C. L and C in parallel
  • D. L and C in series

12) A 10 km long line has a characteristic impedance of 400 ohms. If line length is 100 km, the characteristic impedance is

  • A. 4 Ω
  • B. 40 Ω
  • C. 400 Ω
  • D. 4000 Ω

13) In a TWT the amplitude of resultant wave travelling down the helix

  • A. increases linearly
  • B. is almost constant
  • C. increases exponentially
  • D. decreases exponentially

14) Loss angle of a good quality cable is about

  • A. 90°
  • B. 70°
  • C. 30°
  • D.

15) In a three cavity klystron amplifier, the oscillations are excited in

  • A. input cavity
  • B. output cavity
  • C. both (a) and (b)
  • D. intermediate cavity

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