Metallurgical Engineering Interview Questions

Metallurgical Engineering Interview Questions

  • Anu Chatterjee
  • 14th Dec, 2020

Metallurgical Engineering Interview Questions

1) What is carbide?

2) What is the microstructure of metals?

3) What are the effects of alloying elements on steel?

4) What type of corrosion occurs in sea water and in a steam boiler.

5) What do you understand by metastable structure in metallurgy?

6) At what temperature oxidation corrosion occur?

7) What is the difference between CCT and TTT curve?

8) What does Annealing temperature means?

9) What is the formula to calculate the firing order of an engine?

10) What are Ceramics?

11) What are allotropes? What are the allotropes of Iron and Carbon?

12) What is the major difference between quenching and annealing?

13) What is vacuum induction melting?

14) What is power metallurgy?

15) What is the melting point of brass?

16) Which plaster is used in gold investment casting?

17) Which liquid can dissolve gold?

18) What is a SPCC material?

19) What is the atomic density of ceramics?

20) Why in liquid carburizing mixture of salts is preferred than single salt?

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