Maven MCQ

Maven MCQ

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  • 27th May, 2021

Maven MCQ

Following are mostly asked Maven MCQ test that are designed for professionals like you to crack you interviews. You can take this Maven online test before appearing to you real interview. This Maven quiz there are around 30+ multiple choice questions on Maven with four options.

1) What is the Django shortcut method to more easily render an html response?

  • A. render_to_html
  • B. render_to_response
  • C. response_render
  • D. render

2) By using django.contrib.humanize, you can use the following filter in your template to display the number 3 as three.

  • A. apnumber
  • B. intcomma
  • C. intword
  • D. ordinal

3) What are the features available in Django web framework?

  • A. Admin Interface (CRUD)
  • B. Templating
  • C. Form handling
  • D. All of the above

4) What is the Django command to start a new app named ‘users’ in an existing project?

  • A. manage.py –newapp users
  • B. manage.py newapp users
  • C. manage.py –startapp users
  • D. manage.py startapp users

5) How do you concatenate two QuerySets into one list?

  • A. result = list(query_set_1 | query_set_2)
  • B. from itertools import chain result = list(chain(query_set_1, query_set_2))
  • C. from django.db.models import Q result = Q(query_set_1) | Q(query_set_1)
  • D. result = query_set_1 + query_set_2
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6) The architecture of Django consists of?

  • A. Models
  • B. Views
  • C. Templates
  • D. All of these

7) In Django how would you retrieve all the ‘User’ records from a given database?

  • A. User.objects.all()
  • B. Users.objects.all()
  • C. User.all_records()
  • D. User.object.all()

8) What does of Django field class types do?

  • A. The database column type
  • B. The default HTML widget to avail while rendering a form fieldC.
  • C. The minimal validation requirements used in Django admin
  • D. All of the above

9) What is the purpose of settings.py?

  • A. To configure settings for the Django project
  • B. To configure settings for an app
  • C. To set the date and time on the server
  • D. To sync the database schema

10) What are the caching strategies in Django?

  • A. A. File sytem caching
  • B. In-memory caching
  • C. Both A and B
  • D. None

11) Which of the following is not type of Maven Repository

  • A. Local
  • B. Maven Local
  • C. Remote
  • D. Maven Central

12) Which of the following configuration element is present in POM.xml

  • A. Developers
  • B. Mailing List
  • C. Both of the above
  • D. None of the above

13) Which of the following refers to the version of the project

  • A. ${version}
  • B. ${maven.version}
  • C. ${pom.version}
  • D. ${project.version}

14) ___________ is an ExpectationErrorTranslator that doesn’t do any translation.

  • A. AssertionErrorTranslator
  • B. CurrentStateMatcher
  • C. CamelCaseNamingScheme
  • D. IdentityExpectationErrorTranslator

15) _____________ interface defines a sequence of expectations.

  • A. States
  • B. Sequence
  • C. Mockery
  • D. Expectations

16) What is the sequence in which Maven looks for the resources ?

  • A. Remote-> Maven Central - > Local
  • B. Remote-> Local -> Maven Central
  • C. Local -> Remote - Maven Central
  • D. Maven Central -> Local -> Remote

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