Marketing and Sales Interview Questions

Marketing and Sales Interview Questions

  • Anu Chatterjee
  • 17th Apr, 2021

Marketing and Sales Interview Questions

1) Do you comfortable in making cold calls?


2) Have you consistently met your sales goals?

I have always met.

3) Do you prefer a long or short sales cycle?

I would prefer Long Sales Cycle.

4) How do you keep yourself up to date on your target market?

You should keep yourself up to date on your target market as follows:

1 – Keep a Monthly Research Schedule. 
2 – Provide More Value. 
3 – Connect With Your Community Online. 
4 – Focus on the Right Segments. 
5 – Monitor Your Competitors. 
6 – Reach a Wider Audience with a Responsive Website. 

5) According to you who is an ideal sales manager?

It is depends upon your likes and dislikes qualities of an sales manager.

6) What are core qualities that every sales person must have?

Ability to Listen
Try to Fullfill customers need
Networking Ability

7) What role does social media play in your selling process?

Social Media Create sales.

8) When you stop following a client?

I would try to follow eveyone that is the key factor of every business.

9) Why you want to do job in marketting and sales?

To sale products.

10) How should a commission plan be structured?

11) What is the difference between Hard work and smart work?

Hard work includes physical efforts with less planning whereas Smart work includes efficient planning with less effort.

12) What are the easy ways to achieve the lead?

13) Do you create presentations. What you put to impress a client.

14) How would you convince a vendor to sell our product who is already selling competetor products?

15) How will you launch a new product in Market?

You can launch a new product in Market to keep in mind following things:

  1. Proper communication between entities helps you to lunch it.
  2. Try to launch error free products.
  3. Try to listen your customers before launching the product.
  4. You should avoid proper market research.

16) What type of Vendor management experience you have?

You can say that you can addopt characteristics such as:

  1. Share Information and Priorities
  2. Balance Commitment and Competition
  3. Allow Key Vendors to Help You Strategize
  4. Build Partnerships for the Long Term
  5. Seek to Understand Your Vendor's Business Too
  6. Negotiate to a Win-Win Agreement
  7. Come Together on Value
  8. Vendor Management Best Practices

17) What is an easy target for you?

18) What will you do if the customer is not making the payment?

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    Sharun shaji

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    "Add some suitable Answers for the questions.it will give more support and helpful for a fresher .which he /she have no ideas about interview.

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