LibreOffice Impress MCQ

LibreOffice Impress MCQ

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  • 19th Jan, 2021

LibreOffice Impress MCQ Questions

1) In LibreOffice Impress the shortcut key to insert a text box is?

  • A. F2
  • B. F3
  • C. F4
  • D. F5

2) Animation decides the way of:

  • A. The slides look
  • B. The slides appear
  • C. The items in the slide appear
  • D. The text looks

3) What is the shortcut key to go to the previous slide in Libreoffice impress?

  • A. Ctrl + Page up
  • B. Home
  • C. Page up
  • D. Alt + Page up

4) Slide animations are similar to transition, but they apply to individual elements in a single slide:

  • A. True
  • B. False

5) In libreoffice impress by default the presentation is saved as:

  • A. Presentation1
  • B. Untitled1
  • C. Shw 1
  • D. Slide1
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6) Which of the following option is not available on Presentation Wizard?

  • A. Open new presentation
  • B. Form template
  • C. Empty presentation
  • D. Open existing presentation

7) In Libreoffice Impress, in which menu is the command named Macros found?

  • A. Slide
  • B. Tools
  • C. Insert
  • D. None of the above

8) Which of the following is not a part of main impress window?

  • A. Slides pane
  • B. Task pane
  • C. Workspace
  • D. Work pane

9) In LibreOffice Impress slide sorter is found in which menu?

  • A. Insert
  • B. Formate
  • C. Slide show
  • D. View

10) Which alignment is not available on LibreOffice Impress?

  • A. Central Alignment
  • B. Left Alignment
  • C. Justify Alignment
  • D. Right Alignment

11) Slide transitions are effects which perform:

  • A. At the end of the presentation
  • B. When move from one slide to next
  • C. When we click inside the object of a slide
  • D. Beginning of presentation

12) What is the minimum zoom size in LibreOffice Impress?

  • A. 20%
  • B. 10%
  • C. 5%
  • D. 15%

13) What is the name of powerpoint in libreoffice?

  • A. Calc
  • B. Impress
  • C. Draw
  • D. Writter

14) Which of the following file extensions is not related to LibreOffice Writer?

  • A. .sxw
  • B. .doc
  • C. .txt
  • D. .csv

15) Shortcut key is used to add the pattern slide in the presentation of LibreOffice impress?

  • A. Ctrl + x
  • B. Ctrl + N
  • C. Ctrl + M
  • D. None

16) Which shortcut key is used to move next slide in LibreOffice Impress?

  • A. End Key
  • B. Ctrl + Down Arrow
  • C. Pageup
  • D. Pagedown

17) Maximum font size in Libreoffice Impress is:

  • A. 95
  • B. 69
  • C. 999.9
  • D. 250

18) Which shortcut key is used to jump at the first slide?

  • A. Home
  • B. Pageup
  • C. Pagedown
  • D. End

19) What is default orientation of slide in LibreOffice Impress?

  • A. Landscape
  • B. Portrait
  • C. Horizontal
  • D. Vertical

20) Presentation is seen on the computer or a projection screen in the form of:

  • A. Pages
  • B. Papers
  • C. Slides
  • D. Handouts

21) The Notes View is used for the audience:

  • A. True
  • B. False

22) Which of the following you can use to organize or shorten slides?

  • A. Slide pane
  • B. Slide Sorter View
  • C. Both A and B
  • D. None of the above

23) Which view is generally used for creating, formatting and designing slides?

  • A. Notes
  • B. Slide Sorter view
  • C. Normal view
  • D. Outline view

24) Objects on the slide that hold text are called:

  • A. Object holders
  • B. Auto layouts
  • C. Placeholders
  • D. Text holders

25) Which Objects can be added into the presentation?

  • A. Picture, Not Movie
  • B. Both Movie and Picture
  • C. Movie but not Picture
  • D. Neither of the Above

26) LibreOffice cannot format which of the following files in Impress?

  • A. GIF
  • B. WAV
  • C. JPEG
  • D. HTML

27) What type of program is Libreoffice impress?

  • A. Presentation
  • B. Word Processing
  • C. Spreadsheet
  • D. None of these

28) What is the shortcut key to exit the presentation in libreoffice impress ?

  • A. Ctrl+F3
  • B. Shift+F3
  • C. F4
  • D. Ctrl+F5

29) In which menu are the Master Handout commands in Libreoffice Impress found?

  • A. Style
  • B. View
  • C. Format
  • D. Insert

30) With which extension is the saved file in Libreoffice Impress saved?

  • A. .ods
  • B. .odp
  • C. .ist
  • D. .odt

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