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IoT MCQ Quiz

Following are mostly asked Iot MCQ test that are designed for professionals like you to crack you interviews. You can take this Iot online test before appearing to you real interview. This Iot quiz there are around 30+ multiple choice questions on Iot with four options.

1) _________ allows us to control electronic components

  • A. RESTful API
  • B. HTTP
  • C. MQTT
  • D. RETful API

2) MQTT stands for__________________

  • A. MQ Transport Things
  • B. MQ Transport Telemetry
  • C. MQ Telemetry Things
  • D. MQ Telemetry Transport

3) MQTT is better than HTTP for sending and receiving data.

  • A. FALSE
  • B. TRUE

4) MQTT is _________ protocol.

  • A. Machine to Machine
  • B. Internet of Things
  • C. Machine Things
  • D. Machine to Machine and Internet of Things

5) Which protocol is lightweight?

  • A. HTTP
  • B. CoAP
  • C. SPI
  • D. MQTT
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6) _____________ reduces the adoption and learning curve for the end user.

  • A. IoT
  • B. Commands
  • C. Devices
  • D. Intuitive

7) Is there any limit for connecting devices though voice.

  • A. FALSE
  • B. TRUE

8) How the voice is transferred to our phone?

  • A. Bluetooth
  • B. Sharing applications
  • C. Zigbee
  • D. Internet

9) ________ Will reduces the cost of the devices.

  • A. Voice recognition
  • B. Voice telephony
  • C. Intuitive
  • D. Voice Integration

10) ________ could potentially challenge the need of touch screen on many devices.

  • A. Voice recognition
  • B. Voice telephony
  • C. Intuitive
  • D. Voice Integration

11) Voice telephony is an efficient means of __________ with machines that can listen.

  • A. Mono-directional voice communication
  • B. Voice recognition
  • C. Both bi directional and mono directional
  • D. Bi-directional voice communication

12) How many types of voice communications are there in IoT environment?

  • A. 2 types
  • B. 4 types
  • C. 5 types
  • D. 3 types

13) The advanced security and smart system first monitor and then interacts with human.

  • A. FALSE
  • B. TRUE

14) Voice recognition software and virtual assistant programs offer for ________ and _________

  • A. Communication
  • B. Entertainment
  • C. Communication and Software
  • D. Communication and Entertainment

15) _________ either built into smoke alarm and thermostat or in the form of small plug ? in.

  • A. Loudspeaker
  • B. Microphone and loudspeaker
  • C. Mic
  • D. Microphones

16) Most common application for voice control application are ___________

  • A. Home security
  • B. Family health monitoring
  • C. Business
  • D. Home security and health monitoring

17) Microphones usually have ___________

  • A. Amplitude filter
  • B. Noise filter
  • C. Frequency filter
  • D. Round filter

18) _________ are well integrated antennas for long range communication.

  • A. BC144
  • B. BC154
  • C. BC241
  • D. BC118

19) API management system creates __________ identity.

  • A. Robust
  • B. Friendly
  • C. Secure
  • D. Secure and friendly

20) WiFi uses how much frequency?

  • A. 3.5GHz
  • B. 3GHz
  • C. 2.2GHz
  • D. 2.4GHz

21) Bluetooth will transmit the data over the frequency band _________

  • A. 2.4 to 2.7 GHz
  • B. 2.4 to 3 GHz
  • C. 2.4 to 2.6 GHz
  • D. 2.4 to 2.485 GHz

22) Bluetooth operates at short distances.

  • A. FALSE
  • B. TRUE

23) Bluetooth will drain battery life.

  • A. FALSE
  • B. TRUE

24) BAN gives _________

  • A. Network connectivity
  • B. Storage
  • C. Communication
  • D. Communication and storage

25) Which bluetooth version enables low energy?

  • A. Bluetooth 1.0
  • B. Bluetooth 4.0
  • C. Bluetooth 3.0
  • D. Bluetooth 2.0

26) __________ is the brainchild of ARM.

  • A. Bluetooth
  • B. WiFi
  • C. Zigbee
  • D. Thread

27) Thread would be able to support __________ devices.

  • A. 125 Devices
  • B. 300 Devices
  • C. 256 Devices
  • D. 250 Devices

28) Thread would allow _________ networks.

  • A. Node
  • B. Mesh and node
  • C. Either mesh or node
  • D. Mesh

29) BAN stands for ________

  • A. Brain Area Network
  • B. Body Android Network
  • C. Brain Android Network
  • D. Body Area Network

30) Smart phones can be used in IoT setup with _________ application categories.

  • A. 5 Applications
  • B. 3 Applications
  • C. 2 Applications
  • D. 4 Applications

Iot Online Test Questions (Iot FAQs)

1) What is IOT ?

IoT stands for the Internet of things that can be stated as a system of objects connected with the internet that can collect and transfer data over a wireless network without human interference.

2) List some applications of IOT?

Some applications of IoT can be seen in the below-mentioned fields:

  • Wearables
  • Health
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Agriculture
  • Hospitality
  • Smart grid and energy saving
  • Smart City
  • Self-driven Cars

3) What is MQTT protocol?

MQTT stands for Message Queuing Telemetry Transport is a messaging protocol that is used for data exchange between constrained devices and server applications.

4) What are the most used sensors in IoT?

The most used sensors in IoT are:

  • Temperature Sensor
  • Pressure Sensor
  • Proximity Sensor
  • Accelerometers
  • Optical Sensors
  • Infrared Sensors

5) What is mean by Arduino?

Arduino is an open-source platform i.e. consists of a circuit board known as a microcontroller and IDE that reads input with the help of sensors and performs action as output.

6) What is GPIO?

GPIO stands for General-Purpose Input/Output is used to perform both input and output actions by handling both incoming and outgoing digital signals.

7) Describe the different components of IOT?

The different components of IoT are:

  • Connected devices
  • Central Control Hardware
  • Data Cloud
  • User interface
  • Network Interconnection
  • System Security
  • Data Analytics

8) What is BLE Protocol?

BLE or Bluetooth Low Energy protocol enables BLE which is a wireless technology that consumes less power and is used to share information with other devices.

9) What is the Zigbee Alliance?

Zigbee's alliance was established in the year 2002 by a group of companies to develop, certify, and promote the standards for wireless device communication that is meant for IoT(Internet of Things).

10) What is IoE?

IoE stands for Internet of Everything that is a concept to extend the IoT to connect various technologies, machines, and people as the end-nodes.

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