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iOS MCQ Quiz

Following are mostly asked Ios MCQ test that are designed for professionals like you to crack you interviews. You can take this Ios online test before appearing to you real interview. This Ios quiz there are around 30+ multiple choice questions on Ios with four options.

1) iOS stands for ?

  • A. iPhone Operating System
  • B. Internet Operating System
  • C. Internetwork Operating System
  • D. None of Them

2) Which of the following hierarchy is correct?

  • A. UIButton->UIControl->UIView->UIResponder->NSObject
  • B. UIButton->UIControl->UIView->NSObject->UIResponder
  • C. UIControl->UIButton->UIView->UIResponder->NSObject
  • D. none

3) Which of the following iOS frameworks is a commonly used third party Library?

  • A. CFNetwork.framework
  • B. AFNetwork.framework
  • C. AVFoundation.framework
  • D. Audiotoolbox.framework

4) The application has not been launched or was running but terminated by the device.Determine the current state of:

  • A. Suspended state
  • B. Inactive state
  • C. Not running state
  • D. Background state

5) Flash Applications is supported in iPhone browsers

  • A. yes
  • B. Supports partially
  • C. It supports flash applications from apple only
  • D. no
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6) Application running in foreground but currently not receiving any events.What is the current state of Application?

  • A. Inactive State
  • B. Suspended state
  • C. Active State
  • D. Background state

7) iOS remote push notification is introduced by apple in which version?

  • A. iOS 4.0
  • B. iOS 2.0
  • C. iOS 3.0
  • D. iOS 6.0

8) Which of the following is a default UI property?

  • A. non-atomic
  • B. assign
  • C. atomic
  • D. none

9) Multitasking in iOS was introduced in which version?

  • A. iOS 2.0;
  • B. iOS 6.0;
  • C. iOS 4.0;
  • D. iOS 7.0;

10) What is the built-in database used in iOS ?

  • A. Apache
  • B. MySQL
  • C. Oracle
  • D. SQLite

11) What is the core functionality of iPhone camera?

  • A. Make digital photos
  • B. Record Videos
  • C. Auto Focus
  • D. Zoom

12) Iphone OS is based on which language?

  • A. C++
  • B. C
  • C. java
  • D. both A and B

13) How many generations are there for Iphone OS?

  • A. Two generations
  • B. One generations
  • C. Four generations
  • D. Three generations

14) What is the user interface of Iphone OS called?

  • A. Universal Mobile Interface
  • B. Cocoa
  • C. Touchwiz
  • D. Mobiface

15) Iphone has its OS under which licence?

  • A. GPL
  • B. MPL
  • C. BSD
  • D. Proprietary

16) Which of the following commands displays the syntax for the clock command?

  • A. cl?
  • B. clock ?
  • C. cl ?
  • D. clock?

17) Which of the following statement is wrong?

  • A. lBAction resolves to void
  • B. lBAction is a macro defined to denote a method that can be referred to in Interface Builder
  • C. lBAction is a type qualifier used by lB to enable connection user experience elements and app code
  • D. None of these

18) Which of the following prompts indicats your router is in Privileged EXEC mode?

  • A. Router>
  • B. Router&
  • C. Router#
  • D. Router$

19) When the activity is not in focus, but still visible on the screen it is in?

  • A. stopped state
  • B. destroyed state
  • C. paused state
  • D. running state

20) You need to set up passwords on all your default Telnet lines.What command would you start with?

  • A. Router1(config)#interface Ethernet 0/1
  • B. Router1(config)#telnet configuration
  • C. Router1(config)#line vty 0 4
  • D. Router1(config)#line vty 1 5

21) The iPhone has a feature that activates when you rotate the device from portrait to landscape:

  • A. accelerometer
  • B. shadow detector
  • C. special sensor
  • D. rotator

22) You need to troubleshoot your network IP connectivity. Which of the following commands would you use to find the IP address on your Ethernet 0 interface?

  • A. Show interface Ethernet 0
  • B. traceroute
  • C. IPConfig
  • D. ping

23) When setting up your serial interfaces, what does the clock rate command do for your connection?

  • A. Establishes keepalives
  • B. Establishes the time on the router
  • C. Establishes the timing at which you send data
  • D. Establishes the advertised bandwidth

24) Your routers at ACME are having some connectivity issues. You issues how commands for each connecting router's interface. Why are they unable to communicate?

  • A. Encapsulation mismatch
  • B. Incorrect IP address
  • C. Bad cable
  • D. Wrong routing protocol

25) The iPhone is a line of Internet and multimedia-enabled smartphones designed and marketed by Intel Corporation.

  • A. True
  • B. False

26) The timeline receiver will receive messages from the Android system:

  • A. True
  • B. False

27) ........file specifies the layout of your screen:

  • A. Strings XML
  • B. R file
  • C. Layout file
  • D. Manifest file

28) You need to assign an IP address to your Catalyst 1912 switch. You are at the HQ_SW1>prompt. What is the correct series of commands? (cr = carriage return)

  • A. enable <cr> configure terminal <cr> ip address
  • B. enable <cr> configure terminal <cr> ip address
  • C. enable <cr> ip address
  • D. enable <cr> ip address

29) You would like to assign a meaningful name to your Catalyst 1900 series switch—what command should you use?

  • A. hostname
  • B. name
  • C. enable
  • D. host name

30) Your boss is concerned about security on your network. She wants to make sure that no one can identify passwords if they happen to view a configuration on your router. What command will encrypt all passwords on your router?

  • A. Router1#service password-encryption
  • B. Router1(config)#enable secret password
  • C. Router1#enable secret password
  • D. Router1(config)#service password-encryption

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