Information Security MCQ

Information Security MCQ

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Information Security MCQ Quiz

Following are mostly asked Information security MCQ test that are designed for professionals like you to crack you interviews. You can take this Information security online test before appearing to you real interview. This Information security quiz there are around 30+ multiple choice questions on Information security with four options.

1) .......is the practice and precautions taken to protect valuable information from unauthorised access, recording, disclosure or destruction.

  • A. Information Security
  • B. Database Security
  • C. Network Security
  • D. Physical Security

2) From the options below, which of them is not a threat to information security?

  • A. Information leakage
  • B. Eavesdropping
  • C. Unchanged default password
  • D. Disaster

3) From the options below, which of them is not a vulnerability to information security?

  • A. without deleting data, disposal of storage media
  • B. unchanged default password
  • C. latest patches and updates not done
  • D. flood

4) _____ platforms are used for safety and protection of information in the cloud.

  • A. Cloud security protocols
  • B. Cloud workload protection platforms
  • C. One Drive
  • D. AWS

5) Which of the following information security technology is used for avoiding browser-based hacking?

  • A. Remote browser access
  • B. Anti-malware in browsers
  • C. Incognito mode in a browser
  • D. Adware remover in browsers

6) The full form of EDR is _______

  • A. Endpoint Detection and recovery
  • B. Early detection and response
  • C. Endless Detection and Recovery
  • D. Endpoint Detection and response

7) _______ technology is used for analyzing and monitoring traffic in network and information flow.

  • A. Network Security Firewall
  • B. Network traffic analysis (NTA)
  • C. Cloud access security brokers (CASBs)
  • D. Managed detection and response (MDR)

8) Compromising confidential information comes under _________

  • A. Vulnerability
  • B. Bug
  • C. Threat
  • D. Attack

9) Lack of access control policy is a _____

  • A. Vulnerability
  • B. Threat
  • C. Attack
  • D. Bug

10) Possible threat to any information cannot be ________________

  • A. protected
  • B. reduced
  • C. ignored
  • D. transferred

11) In which of the following, a person is constantly chased by another person or group of several peoples?

  • A. Identity theft
  • B. Stalking
  • C. Bulling
  • D. Phishing

12) Which one of the following can be considered as the class of computer threats?

  • A. Phishing
  • B. Dos Attack
  • C. Soliciting
  • D. both b and c

13) Which of the following is considered as the unsolicited commercial email?

  • A. Virus
  • B. Malware
  • C. Spam
  • D. All of these

14) Which of the following usually observe each activity on the internet of the victim, gather all information in the background, and send it to someone else?

  • A. Spyware
  • B. Adware
  • C. Malware
  • D. None

15) .......is a type of software designed to help the user's computer detect viruses and avoid them.

  • A. Adware
  • B. Antivirus
  • C. Malware
  • D. None of these

16) Which one of the following is a type of antivirus program?

  • A. Mcafee
  • B. Kaspersky
  • C. Quick heal
  • D. All of these

17) Name of the Hacker who breaks the SIPRNET system?

  • A. John Draper
  • B. Kevin Mitnick
  • C. John von Neumann
  • D. Kevin Poulsen

18) Which of the following known as the oldest phone hacking techniques used by hackers to make free calls?

  • A. Phishing
  • B. Cracking
  • C. Phreaking
  • D. Spraining

19) Which of the following is considered as the first hacker's conference?

  • B. OSCON
  • D. DEVON

20) Which type following UNIX account provides all types of privileges and rights which one can perform administrative functions?

  • A. Client
  • B. Root
  • C. Administrative
  • D. Guest

21) Which one of the following is considered as the most secure Linux operating system that also provides anonymity and the incognito option for securing the user's information?

  • A. Ubuntu
  • B. Tails
  • C. Fedora
  • D. none

22) In order to ensure the security of the data/ information, we need to ____________ the data:

  • A. Decrypt
  • B. Encrypt
  • C. Delete
  • D. none

23) Firewalls are to protect against:

  • A. Fire Attacks
  • B. Data Driven Attacks
  • C. Unauthorized Attacks
  • D. Virus Attacks

24) The first computer virus is:

  • A. Creeper
  • B. PARAM
  • C. The famous

25) The first PC virus was developed in:

  • A. 1986
  • B. 1987
  • C. 1988
  • D. 1989

26) Joystick allows the movements with:

  • A. 45 degree angle
  • B. 180 degree angle
  • C. 360 degree angle
  • D. 90 degree angle

27) To protect system, there is how many levels of security level?

  • A. one
  • B. two
  • C. three
  • D. four

28) The security of a system can be improved by:

  • A. Threat monitoring
  • B. Audit log
  • C. Both A & B
  • D. none

29) CAP is:

  • A. Simpler and less powerful than that of hydra
  • B. Complex and less powerful than that of hydra
  • C. Simple and greater power than that of hydra
  • D. none

30) L0phtCrack is formerly known as LC3.

  • A. True
  • B. False

31) Which of the following attack-based checks Web Inspect cannot do?

  • A. parameter injection
  • B. injecting shell code
  • C. directory traversal
  • D. cross-site scripting

Information Security Online Test Questions (Information Security FAQs)

1) What is information security?

2) What is cryptography?

3) What is vulnerability in information security?

4) What are legal ethical and professional issues in information security?

5) What are different types of information security?

6) Explain what is cyber attacks? List types.

7) What is port scanning?

8) What are the three components of information security?

9) What is a Firewall?

10) What is MITM attack?

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