Idioms and Phrases MCQ

Idioms and Phrases MCQ

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  • 10th Jul, 2021

Idioms and Phrases MCQ Test

Following are mostly asked Idioms and phrases MCQ test that are designed for professionals like you to crack you interviews. You can take this Idioms and phrases online test before appearing to you real interview. This Idioms and phrases quiz there are around 30+ multiple choice questions on Idioms and phrases with four options.

1) At one's wit's end

  • A. Explain
  • B. Perplexed
  • C. Enlighten
  • D. Clear Up

2) At one's fingertips

  • A. Complete knowledge
  • B. To take revenge
  • C. Matter of shame
  • D. None of above

3) At the spur of the moment

  • A. Great Moment
  • B. Difficult Moment
  • C. Very Slow
  • D. Without Delay

4) All in all

  • A. Call all at once
  • B. Every person
  • C. Most important
  • D. Particular thing same in all

5) At close quarters

  • A. live far to each other
  • B. close examinations
  • C. live near to each other
  • D. in love
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6) Above board

  • A. a dishonest person
  • B. boasting person
  • C. honest and straightforward
  • D. a man with arrogance

7) At large

  • A. very famous
  • B. abscond
  • C. not famous
  • D. very far

8) At dagger's drawn

  • A. to be unknown
  • B. to be very familiar
  • C. to be very friendly
  • D. to have bitter enmity

9) At a loss

  • A. to be unable to decide
  • B. at a business loss
  • C. at a relation loss
  • D. None of the above

10) An apple of discord

  • A. cause of illness
  • B. cause of wealth
  • C. cause of quarrel
  • D. cause of happiness

11) As fit as a fiddle

  • A. Looks fit but not fit actaully
  • B. Very weak
  • C. Recovering from illness
  • D. None of these

12) A bigger bang for your buck

  • A. More for your money
  • B. More for your smile
  • C. More for your nature
  • D. Not for money

13) Argus eyed

  • A. Very Calm
  • B. Doubtful
  • C. Careful
  • D. Very Confident

14) A load of cobblers

  • A. Very famous
  • B. Rubbish
  • C. Good news
  • D. None of the above

15) A pig in a poke

  • A. accept deal due to threat
  • B. accept deal in a pressure
  • C. accept deal after detail analysis
  • D. accept deal without knowing

16) At one fell swoop

  • A. In a single action
  • B. Joint action
  • C. After lots of thinking
  • D. By mistake

17) Away with the fairies

  • A. Shocking stage
  • B. Not facing reality
  • C. On the basis of reality
  • D. Very sad

18) Back of beyond

  • A. A religious place
  • B. A lonely forsaken place
  • C. An ideal place for holidays
  • D. A place with certain memories

19) By hook or by crook

  • A. by noble
  • B. by permission
  • C. means by request
  • D. by any means

20) Bandy words

  • A. to give respect
  • B. to be polite
  • C. to argue
  • D. to request

21) At the drop of the hat:

  • A. Done in an instant
  • B. After something is done
  • C. Done easily, without any preparation
  • D. As soon as it was spoken

22) Keep at bay:

  • A. Keep in mind
  • B. Keep thinking about something
  • C. Keep at the sea-shore
  • D. Keep at a distance

23) A man of straw:

  • A. A man of no substance
  • B. A man with no means
  • C. A generous man
  • D. A man of character

24) Give cold shoulder:

  • A. Cold meat
  • B. To ignore
  • C. To support
  • D. Shiver

25) Hold one's horse:

  • A. High on energy
  • B. Keep one's expectations
  • C. Keep one's gift
  • D. Have patience

26) Hornet's nest:

  • A. A busy house
  • B. A bee's house
  • C. A violent situation
  • D. A dangerous place

27) Never-never land

  • A. A worthless place
  • B. A useless situation
  • C. An ideal pace
  • D. Dream land

28) Like a sitting duck:

  • A. Sleepy
  • B. Ignorant
  • C. Lazy
  • D. Fat

29) Pull your socks up

  • A. To start
  • B. To finish
  • C. To get ready
  • D. To improve

30) Bag and baggage

  • A. Leave
  • B. With all one's belongings
  • C. All the clothing
  • D. Without any belonging

31) To make clean breast of

  • A. To confess without of reserve
  • B. To gain prominence
  • C. To praise oneself
  • D. None of the above

32) To keeps one's temper

  • A. To preserve ones energy
  • B. To be aloof from
  • C. To be in good mood
  • D. To become hungry

33) To drive home

  • A. Back to original position
  • B. To emphasise
  • C. To find one's roots
  • D. To return to place of rest

34) To have an axe to grind

  • A. To work for both sides
  • B. To have no result
  • C. To fail to arouse interest
  • D. A private end to serve

35) To smell a rat

  • A. To suspect foul dealings
  • B. To get bad small of a bad dead rat
  • C. To see signs of plague epidemic
  • D. None of these

36) To hit the nail right on the head

  • A. To announce one's fixed views
  • B. To teach someone a lesson
  • C. To do the right thing
  • D. To destroy one's reputation

37) To set one's face against

  • A. To get out of difficulty
  • B. To look at one steadily
  • C. To judge by appearence
  • D. To oppose with determination

38) To leave someone in the lurch

  • A. To desert someone in his difficulties
  • B. Constant source of annoyance to someone
  • C. To put someone at ease
  • D. None of these

39) A black sheep

  • A. An ugly person
  • B. A lucky person
  • C. An unlucky person
  • D. none of these

40) To cry wolf

  • A. To turn pale
  • B. To keep off starvation
  • C. To give false alarm
  • D. To listen eagerly

41) A remedy for all disease is

  • A. Panacea
  • B. Medica
  • C. Medicine
  • D. Medical

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