Data Visualization MCQ

Data Visualization MCQ

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  • 12th Apr, 2022

Data Visualization MCQ

Following are mostly asked Data visualization MCQ test that are designed for professionals like you to crack you interviews. You can take this Data visualization online test before appearing to you real interview. This Data visualization quiz there are around 30+ multiple choice questions on Data visualization with four options.

1) What is data visualization?

  • A. It is the numerical representation of information and data
  • B. It is the graphical representation of information and data
  • C. It is the character representation of information and data
  • D. None Of Above

2) Data visualization is also an element of the broader ______

  • A. data process architecture
  • B. data presentation architecture
  • C. deliver presentation architecture
  • D. All of the Above

3) Common types of data visualization?

  • A. Charts
  • B. Tables
  • C. Infographics
  • D. All of the Above

4) What are the benefits of data visualization?

  • A. Better analysis
  • B. Identifying patterns
  • C. Exploring business insights
  • D. All of the Above

5) Which are pros of data visualization?

  • A. It can be distracting
  • B. It can misrepresent information
  • C. It can be accessed quickly by a wider audience.
  • D. All of the Above
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6) Which are cons of data visualization?

  • A. visual data is distorted or excessively used.
  • B. It makes your report more visually appealing.
  • C. It conveys a lot of information in a small space.
  • D. None Of Above

7) Which of the intricate techniques is not used for data visualization?

  • A. Heat Maps
  • B. Bullet Graphs
  • C. Fever Maps
  • D. Bubble Clouds

8) Which is used to query and edit graphical settings?

  • A. par()
  • B. plot()
  • C. cum()
  • D. anova()

9) Which of the following lists names of variables in a data.frame?

  • A. par()
  • B. names()
  • C. barchart()
  • D. quantile()

10) _____ is used for density plots?

  • A. C
  • B. lm
  • C. par
  • D. kde

11) Common use cases for data visualization include?

  • A. Politics
  • B. Healthcare
  • C. Sales and marketing
  • D. All of the Above

12) The purpose of fisher.test() is _______

  • A. Prop
  • B. Stem
  • C. Fisher
  • D. Chisq

13) Visual Mapping is important for_______

  • A. Focus
  • B. Remapping
  • C. Context
  • D. Overview+Details

14) Information Visualtization techniques are

  • A. Pie Chart
  • B. Line Chart
  • C. Flow Chart
  • D. None Of Above

15) Data can be visualized using?

  • A. Maps
  • B. Charts
  • C. Graphs
  • D. All of the Above

16) Which method shows hierarchical data in a nested format?

  • A. Area charts
  • B. Scatter plots
  • C. Treemaps
  • D. Population pyramids

17) Which is used to find the factor congruence coefficients?

  • A. factor.xyplot
  • B. factor.cumsum
  • C. factor.mosaicplot
  • D. factor.congruence

18) Which of the following is tool for checking normality?

  • A. lm()
  • B. qline()
  • C. qqline()
  • D. anova()

19) Which of the following plots are often used for checking randomness in time series?

  • A. Autorank
  • B. Autocausation
  • C. Autocorrelation
  • D. None Of Above

20) Data visualization tools provide an accessible way to see and understand .................... in data.

  • A. trends
  • B. outliers
  • C. patterns
  • D. All of the Above

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