Computer Graphics MCQ

Computer Graphics MCQ

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Computer Graphics MCQ Quiz

1) Color information can be stored in

  • A. Main memory
  • B. Secondary memory
  • C. Graphics card
  • D. Frame buffer

2) What happens to intensity if an area of overlapping increases?

  • A. Intensity remains same
  • B. Intensity decreases
  • C. Can’t say anything
  • D. Intensity increases

3) What is the name of the effect that causes different signals to become indistinguishable

  • A. Sampling
  • B. Staircase effect
  • C. Aliasing
  • D. Anti-aliasing

4) When a character string is to be displayed, the which color is used to set the pixel value in frame buffer?

  • A. White color
  • B. Black color
  • C. Current color
  • D. Any color

5) A dashed line could be displayed by generating_________.

  • A. Inter dash spacing
  • B. Very short dashes
  • C. Botha a and b
  • D. A or B
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6) The choice between a bundled attribute or an unbundled attribute is made by

  • A. Setting bundle table
  • B. Index table
  • C. Setting switch
  • D. Only c

7) How many Methods of character generations are there?

  • A. 2
  • B. 3
  • C. 4
  • D. 5

8) Which of the following is the basic attribute of a character?

  • A. Font
  • B. Orientation
  • C. Size and color
  • D. All of the mentioned

9) To set the line-width attribute the following command is used.

  • B. Setlinewidthscalefacto (lw)
  • C. setLineWidthScaleFactor (lw)
  • D. Setlinewidth()

10) What is the effect of weighted area sampling on adjacent pixels?

  • A. Contrast is increased
  • B. Contrast is decreased
  • C. Intensity is decreased
  • D. Intensity is increased

11) Which method of character generation is also called Dot-matrix method?

  • A. Starbust method
  • B. Stroke method
  • C. Bitmap method
  • D. There isn’t that type of method

12) Raster curves of various widths can be displayed using

  • A. Vertical spans
  • B. Horizontal spans
  • C. Horizontal or vertical spans
  • D. Horizontal and vertical spans

13) We can think a line as a _____________________ in the grid.

  • A. Parallelogram
  • B. Circle
  • C. Rectangle
  • D. Triangle

14) Which of the following is NOT a type of area sampling?

  • A. Anti-aliasing
  • B. Weighted area sampling
  • C. Unweighted area sampling
  • D. Point sampling

15) The basic attributes of a straight line segment are

  • A. Type
  • B. Color
  • C. Width
  • D. All of these

16) Is it possible to have hardware as character generator?

  • A. True
  • B. False

17) One of the method for displaying thick curves is

  • A. Curve width
  • B. Curve slope
  • C. Curve cap
  • D. Only c

18) The basic parameter to curved attributes are

  • A. Type
  • B. Width
  • C. Color
  • D. All of the mentioned

19) Pixel mask means

  • A. A string containing only 1;s
  • B. A string containing 1 and 0
  • C. A string containing only 0’s
  • D. A string containing 0 and 0

20) The curves displayed with a rectangular pen will be

  • A. Thinner
  • B. Thicker and magnitude slope is 1
  • C. Thicker and magnitude slope >1
  • D. B or C

21) The basic geometric transformations are

  • A. Translation
  • B. Scaling
  • C. Rotation
  • D. All of the mentioned

22) We set the line-color value in PHIGS with the function

  • A. setPolylineColorIndex (lc)
  • C. setline Color()
  • D. Only b

23) Which of the following is not a line-type?

  • A. Dotted line
  • B. Dark line
  • C. Dashed line
  • D. Only b

24) A line drawn in the background color is

  • A. Visible
  • B. Invisible
  • C. Visible or Invisible
  • D. Only b

25) In which method, graph is used in form of line to line?

  • A. Starbust method
  • B. Bitmap method
  • C. Stroke method
  • D. Dot-matrix method

26) A heavy line on a video monitor could be displayed as

  • A. Adjacent perpendicular lines
  • B. Adjacent parallel lines
  • C. Both a and b
  • D. Neither a nor b

27) The color code “000” is for

  • A. Black
  • B. White
  • C. Blue
  • D. Green

28) Which one is not a type of basic fill styles?

  • A. Pattern
  • B. solid color
  • C. Hollow
  • D. Dark

29) If the slope magnitude is 1, then circles, ellipse and other curves will appear

  • A. Thick
  • B. Thinnest
  • C. Big
  • D. Rough

30) Why aren’t camcorder CG used more frequently in the titler market?

  • A. They don’t record for longer time period
  • B. They have low storage capacity
  • C. They are not economically feasible
  • D. They use a background of video for title super imposition

31) What is lower bound on the sampling rate known as?

  • A. Sampling rate
  • B. Syquist rate
  • C. Nyquist rate
  • D. Hartley rate

32) The Character size is specified by

  • A. Compositors
  • B. Printers
  • C. Frame buffer
  • D. Both a and b

33) We can adjust the shape of the line ends to give them a better appearance by using

  • A. Line spacing
  • B. Line caps
  • C. More dots
  • D. Round cap

34) Hatch fill procedures are implemented to draw

  • A. Cross hatching
  • B. Single hatching
  • C. Either a or b
  • D. Only b

35) A poly-line that is assigned a table index value of 3 would be displayed using

  • A. Same index
  • B. Dotted line
  • C. Dashed line
  • D. All of the mentioned

36) The algorithm which displays line-type attributes by plotting pixel spans is

  • A. Raster scan algorithm
  • B. Raster line algorithm
  • C. Random scan algorithm
  • D. Random line algorithm

37) Which method has the poorest character quality?

  • A. Starbust method
  • B. Stroke method
  • C. Bitmap method
  • D. Dot-matrix method

38) When 2 background colors B1 and B2 are mixed with foreground color F, the resulting pixel color P is

  • A. P=t0*F-t1*B1+(1-t0-t1)B2
  • B. P=t0*F+t1*B1+(1-t0-t1)B2
  • C. P=t0*F+t1*B1+(1+t0+t1)B2
  • D. Only b

39) A particular text index value is chosen with the function

  • A. settextindex(ti)
  • B. setTextIndex(ti)
  • C. setTextIndex()
  • D. SetTextIndex(ti)

40) A function that allows the user to select a particular character to be as marker symbol is

  • B. setMarkersymbol(mt)
  • C. setmarkertype (mt)
  • D. setMarkerType (mt)

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