How to Prepare for the Job Interview

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  • 14th Jan, 2021

When asked a question, you can be confident only in two ways – either you know the answer or you don’t know it.

Knowing or not knowing the answer is something that we choose. Especially, in the current age that is so technology and information-driven that every answer is simply a click away, it is more ignorant to not know how to find information.

As rightly put by Louis Pasteur, "Fortune Favors the Prepared mind", so in case you don’t trust me, then trust him.

Now that you have got a call from your dream employer for an interview, which could start with a direct Face-2-Face round or a telephonic round (more common these days), there are some things which you MUST do.

What to do before appearing in an interview

  • Documents: Get all your documents like (Resume, academic certificates, Photograph) ready with extra copies to submit, if asked for.
  • Reach on Time: You don’t wish to reach late for the interview. Do you? So get yourself acquainted with the venue well.
  • Rehearse: This is the implementation aspect of the research you did. Prepare a list of questions that you know could be asked, both technical as well as HR and make the best answer possible. Now, Rehearse.
  • References: Keep ready at least three references. Usually, references are asked from the current employer (one), previous employer (one) and the institute, where you completed your education/ qualification from (one). Whether it is a face-2-face interview or a telephonic interview, sincerely do all the five things mentioned above, and the chances of success are highly guaranteed.

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