How to crack the zensar technologies interview

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  • 08th Jan, 2021

If you want to secure your career as a software engineer then for sure zensar is a good choice for you. In case of on-campus placements we advise the aspirants not to miss any company's interview. We are here with a detailed guide on how to crack the zensar technologies interview. We hope that it will help you in getting prior knowledge about the interview.

About the Company

Zensar technologies is a software company which is having its offices across 29 countries of the world. They are working very well in the field of digital solutions and technology with the partnership of global organizations. The CEO of the company is Sandeep Kishore. It was founded in the year 1991 and from that period they are serving their clients with best digital and technology services. The parent organization of Zensar is RPG group. In the year 2018 the company earned revenue of approx 48.22 crore US dollars. Indigo state, Inc. and many more are the subsidiaries of zensar technologies.

Process of the interview

The interview procedure is quite simple and consists of four rounds which are mentioned below.

Online test

The written test of Zensar is not that hard; you can crack it easily if you opt for basic knowledge. It is an hour test with general questions from aptitude, reasoning and verbal.

Group Discussion

During your GD it is must that you are aware with some of the general knowledge and current affairs. You are going to get almost simple topics or the topics which are most popular in news.

Technical round

Another round is a technical round where the interviewer is going to ask a few questions on Oops, sql query, DBMS, operation systems or any other. Before going to the interview brush up your academics.

HR round

Final round will be your personal interview with company HR. If you clear all the three rounds then there are high chances that you will get selected for the company. Still give your best in front of the HR.

Some previously asked questions

Here is the list of few questions from both technical round and HR round which has been asked in the previous interviews.

For Technical round

  1. Tell me about the pointers and their advantages.
  2. Do you know about the data structure? What is a heap in it?
  3. Write me a program for printing 2 numbers after multiplication.
  4. Tell me the difference between primary key and foreign key.
  5. What do you know about strut? Give me one difference between stack and queue.
  6. According to you what are the threats to provide security?
  7. Give me two differences between DBMS and RDBMS.
  8. What are joins and its types? Explain in brief about natural and semi join.

For HR round

  1. Introduce yourself in brief.
  2. Why do you want to join Zensar?
  3. What are the qualities that you have?
  4. Tell me how you are better than other candidates for our company?
  5. Do you want to ask any questions?

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