How to crack the Wipro interview

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  • 02nd Mar, 2021

Wipro is the biggest name in terms of the IT sector and BPO. They are running their business globally and getting a good job in Wipro can make your career. If you are also looking for how to crack the Wipro interview then let's gather all the information related to the company and its selection procedure.

About the Company

Wipro is one of the great multinational corporations which is raising its bars in different countries especially in India. The headquarters of Wipro is located in Bangalore, Karnataka. The company was founded on 29 December 1945 and for many decades they have been serving their best to the clients and employees. The founder of Wipro is M. H has ham Premji and the present owner is Azim Premji. The CEO of the company is Abidali Neemuchwala. There are many subsidiaries of the company like Top coder, Designit, Appirio, Wipro enterprises and many more.

How to crack the interview

To crack any interview the first thing which is mandatory is required skills and confidence. Wipro is a company that hires employees not on the basis of their experience but on the basis of their talent. So, if you are talented but don't have any good experience still you are having a good opportunity.

Process of the interview

There are in total three rounds of interviews for the selection procedure. You need to qualify all of them in order to get your desired job.

1st Round: Aptitude round

You need to clear your written examination or also known as AMCAT where you will get questions related to quantitative aptitude and logical reasoning. In the next phase, you have to give another communication exam where your verbal ability is analyzed. For the first two sections, you will get MCQs and in the verbal section, you may have to write an essay of 100 to 300 words on any given topic.

2nd Round: Technical round

After clearing the exam you will proceed towards the second round where you will be asked some technical questions to solve. You can prepare your favorite language or topic whatever you want like C++, programming, data structure or sorting. It is a must to clear technical round with correct answers.

3rd Round: HR Round

The final round is going to be with an HR who will ask you some general stuff like about yourself, salary expectations, etc. You both can discuss the hobbies and your area of interest.

Some previously asked questions

  1. Introduce yourself for a minute.
  2. Write a program in Java to remove the duplicate elements in an array.
  3. Describe yourself in only three words.
  4. What is your passion?
  5. Are you comfortable with the relocation?

Few tips to crack the interview

  • Be confident when you give any answer.
  • Make direct eye contact with the interviewer and don't look here and there.
  • You should not sound nervous and hesitant.
  • Before going for the interview have a check on your communication skills and vocabulary.
  • Do not miss any opportunity and don't say no to any offer.

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