How to crack the value labs interview

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  • 01st Mar, 2021

It is believed that cracking an interview is not an easy task and you may have seen many people who avoid switching jobs as they believe that cracking a new interview is not their cup of tea. If you are also willing to work with value labs then you should acquire all knowledge prior to the interview process. We are here sharing all relevant details on how to crack the value labs interview.

About the Company

Value labs is a globally leading technology company which is private owned. The company is working with the services of product development, digital services and Data technology. Value labs is powered by the digital Flywheel and is also known for its good customer support and end-to-end solutions in product development, automation and Data and analytics. The company was founded in 1997 by Arjun Rao and he is also the present CEO of the company. Indi design private ltd is its one of the subsidiaries. For all sorts of IT outsourcing services and business consulting one can opt for the value labs.

Process of the interview

Just similar to any other company the interview process of value labs is also similar. We are here providing details of on-campus interviews. The number of rounds may vary for the off-campus recruitments. There are a total four rounds, let's come to know about them in detail.

Aptitude test

The first round is of an online test which has a total of five sections in it. They are of quantitative aptitude, verbal, reasoning, technical and Coding. You have to clear the sectional cut off for written test.

Group Discussion

It is the crucial round of this selection procedure as only skilled candidates are shortlisted. Those who are having good communication skills and critical thinking they get selected easily rest has to still fight for themselves.

Technical round

Third round is a technical round based on your technical knowledge. It can be conducted either face to face or on skype. Most of the questions can be asked from DBMS, oops, sql query, data structures, operating system etc. So be prepared with your concepts.

HR round

Final round is your face to face round with HR who is finally going to give you the placement. Although there are very rare chances of rejection at this point but still you should be confident and treat this round well. So that your efforts won't get wasted.

Some previously asked questions

Here is the list of few questions that has been asked previously in the value labs interview.

  1. Tell me about the polymorphism with any example based on the real world.
  2. Give me few differences between constructors and methods.
  3. What do you mean by the class and objects?
  4. Do you know about Fibonacci search? Tell me about it with an example.
  5. Define DML and DDL in detail along with categorization.
  6. Explain step by step the code for Armstrong number.
  7. What was your last project on which you have worked? Explain.
  8. What are your achievements and highlights in the path of your career.

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