How to crack the theorem Mysore interview

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  • 08th Jan, 2021

The theorem is having its various branches across the world but we are here going to discuss the interview procedure for theorem Mysore. It is one of the well-known branches of the theorem. Here is the complete guide on how to crack the theorem Mysore interview. It will help you in starting your preparations in advance and performing well during your interview.

About the Company

The theorem is a globally known company which is providing its services in technology and digital solutions. It was founded in the year 2002 and is having its headquarters in Chatham, New Jersey. The theorem is a privately owned organization and is having its branches in many countries like New York, London, India, San Francisco, Sydney, etc. The company is well known for its marketing and advertising services. Jay Kulkarni is the present CEO of the company who is a young entrepreneur. There are about 5000 employees who are working together for the development of the company.

Process of the interview

Theorem Mysore is also having a similar process of the interview like other companies. We are here mentioning the details for an on-campus placement, if you are an experienced candidate then the rounds may vary for you.


For the first round, you should be well prepared for an online test. In this test, you are going to answer a few questions which are In the MCQ form. There can also be a separate question for Coding which will have two questions. Out of them, you have to answer at least one question correctly.

Second round

The next round is your group discussion with other aspirants. In this round, you have to prove yourself better and the most suitable candidate than others. If you succeed in presenting your views and express yourself properly then you can get selected for the next round.

Third round

You may find it as one of the most difficult rounds as it is to test your technical abilities. The interviewer will ask you several questions from various topics like OS, DBMS, oops, etc. You have to try to answer all of them with confidence and should be able to explain it to the interviewer.

Fourth round

The last round is the HR round which is quite simple and easy to crack. Here, you are not going to ask any hard question instead you will be asked about your personal life, hobbies, favorites, etc.

Some previously asked questions

It is the list of some previously asked questions which will help you in analyzing the concept and pattern of the questions which are going to be asked by the interviewer.

  1. Why do we don't we call stored procedures with a SELECT statement?
  2. What do you mean by the SQL server?
  3. Tell me about the three negative points that you have.
  4. Who is the CEO of the theorem?
  5. Why do you want to join the theorem and what do you know about it?
  6. Are you comfortable with working in night shifts?
  7. What was the last project that you have done? Explain about it.
  8. How was your written test? Which part was covered mostly?

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