How to crack the mu-sigma interview

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  • 02nd Mar, 2021

Before applying for any post or company it is important that we collect enough resources and data about them. If you are having any plans for mu-sigma then read this post on how to crack the mu-sigma interview. This will help you in getting exact information about the company and the interview process.

About the Company

Mu-sigma is a big Indian organization which was founded by Dhiraj Rajaram. The company was established in the year 2004. Despite being a new organization it has built its own reputation in the market with a strong character. The headquarters of Mu sigma is located in Chicago, Illinois, United States. There are many subsidiaries of the company like webfluenz Pte ltd, mu sigma business solutions PVT ltd and mu sigma limited. The CEO of the company is Dhiraj Rajaram. Being one of the great analytics firms they are growing rapidly with more than 3000 employees working together for the betterment of the company.

How to crack the interview

The selection criteria are pretty similar to other companies. There are a total of three rounds in the interview for mu-sigma. The process is the same for both off-campus and on-campus drive you can prepare in a similar way. For freshers, it is important that they understand every criterion properly. Let us discuss these rounds in brief.

muAPT or Aptitude test of Mu-sigma

After a successful application in the company, you are required to give an online aptitude exam which is named muAPT. It is hound to be a 45 minutes exam where you have to score 60% or above to qualify. After you clear your online exam you will move towards the second round.

Group Discussion

It is one of the most important rounds of the interview as this is the round which results in mass elimination. If you perform well in your GD only then you will be able to make it to the third round. In this round, you should put your views in front of everyone with confidence. Don't overcome any conversation, give the equal chance of speaking to all group members as coordination is a must to crack the round.

Technical interview

If you belong to a technical background then there is an additional round for you. Here, you will be asked some technical questions to show your analytical and technical skills.

Interview round

This is the time for your personal interview with the company HR. There is no need to worry about this round as it is not going to be very difficult to crack. If you are good in communication and have the capability of substituting your points with confidence then you can easily get the job.

Some previously asked questions

In this section, we are providing the list of the most common and previously asked questions. This will help you in having an idea about the interview pattern.

  1. What is 17*18?
  2. Why are manhole covers round?
  3. Give me two reasons why you think you are a suitable candidate for this job.
  4. Are you ready to meet deadlines and handle the pressure?
  5. What is your family background?

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