How to crack the Honeywell interview

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  • 08th Jan, 2021

Honeywell is one of the most reputed companies which is known internationally and delivers various technology solutions to their clients. Those aspirants who are willing to join Honeywell for them it is necessary that they should be aware of the interview procedure. In this article, we are going to provide you a suitable guide on how to crack the Honeywell interview.

About the Company

Honeywell is a great multinational company in America. It is a technology-based organization which is providing different services like buildings, supply chains, aircraft, manufacturing plants and much more. The company believed in making a smarter, sustainable and safer world. It is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina of the United States. There are around 1,14,000 employees working in the company. The present CEO of Honeywell is Darius Adamczyk. As per the records of 2018 the company has earned huge revenue of around 4180 crore US dollars. There are various subsidiaries of Honeywell like Intermec, Notifier, Rebellion Photonicsand many more.

Process of the interview

There are a total of four rounds in the campus placement of Honeywell. Let us discuss each of them in detail,

Written test

In this round of aptitude test, you should focus on time management and problem-solving skills. Accuracy is must crack this round as without it you won't be able to qualify the sectional cut off. You can expect questions from different topics like permutations, number system, percentage, and averages, etc.

Group Discussion

Another round is a group discussion where you will discuss a particular topic with your fellow mates. It will be a 5 to 10 minutes long discussion where you are required to speak up your points.

Technical round

The next round will be a technical round where the questions will be from familiar topics. Interviewers can ask a few questions on programming and Coding. There can be a panel of interviewers so don't hesitate and be confident with your answers.

Personal interview

You can expect anything from HR as he is going to check your personality and thinking ability.

Some previously asked questions

There are various questions that can be asked by the interviewer in different rounds like technical or HR. We are here to mention a few questions for your reference.

  1. What do you know about in-plant training?
  2. Tell me something about yourself which is not mentioned in the resume.
  3. Why do we prefer Char arrays instead of strings to store passwords?
  4. Tell me three differences between the array data structure and the linked list.
  5. Write a method to check whether the tree is a binary search or not in Java.
  6. How are you going to implement the binary search tree?
  7. By using comparator how will you sort the Java object?
  8. Do you know the code to implement a bubble sort in Java? Write it.
  9. Write a code to check any number whether it is a power of two or not.
  10. How will you check whether the number is binary or not?

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