How to crack the Goldman Sachs interview?

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  • 01st Mar, 2021

Goldman Sachs is a great company in terms of financial advisory, trading, equity sales, and income securities. If you are the right candidate and possess good technical knowledge and languages like Java or C++ then you can bang on the interview. For your help, we are here with an article on how to crack the Goldman Sachs interview.

About the Company

Goldman Sachs is an American based multinational company which is dealing with the financial and investment banking services. They are also providing services like asset management, investment management, securities underwriting, Prime brokerage, securities underwriting and much more. The company was founded in the year 1869 by Marcus Goldman and Samuel Sachs. It is having its headquarters in New York, United States. The CEO of the company is David M. Solomon. There are various subsidiaries of Goldman Sachs from which one is Goldman Sachs Personal financial management. The revenue collected by the company in 2018 is approximately 3661 crore US dollars.

Process of the interview

The interview procedure of Goldman Sachs is quite vast and you need to qualify many rounds. After clearing each round you will get placed only. There can be 5 to 7 rounds depending on the job profile.

The first round will be a written test where you will be asked with some general questions on Quantitative aptitude, reasoning and technical questions.

The next round will be group discussion for which you may have practiced during your placement drive. After it, there can be two to three rounds of technical interview and in each round, you will be asked questions based on your academic profile, programming, and coding. You should read your CV thoroughly as CV grilling is very common during technical rounds.

The final round is going to be with HR where he will ask some personal questions from you related to your background, strengths, weaknesses, relocation, salary expectations and so on.

Some previously asked questions

  1. Do you know about head and tail commands in UNIX? How does it work?
  2. Tell me about the scope of variables and different storage classes.
  3. Tell me about the project you have made recently. What was its objective?
  4. Find any number 1234 in a way that it gives 4321 when multiplied by 4.
  5. Would you like to join a support profile?
  6. How to implement your own HashMap?
  7. You are having an infinite number of 5rs. and 3rs. coins and then given any random number. You have to find whether you can make the amount with both denominations.
  8. Give an input string and write a function that returns the Run Length Encoded string for the input string.
  9. You are having a particular string tell me if the string is palindrome or not.
  10. What are your salary expectations?

These are some of the questions that have been asked previously in the interview with Goldman Sach. You can expect more of the questions from C++ so, if you are good in this language then there are high chances of your selection.

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