How to crack the cotiviti interview

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  • 01st Mar, 2021

If you are having plans to work with the cotiviti then lots of preparations are required. The aptitude test of cotiviti is quite difficult in comparison to the other companies. For your comfort we are here sharing everything on how to crack the cotiviti interview so that you can prepare yourself accordingly. While going for any interview don't demotivate yourself, be confident with a belief that you will crack the interview.

About the Company

Cotiviti is a healthcare and analytical company which is also supporting the retail industries. They are providing audit and recovery services to their clients with great efficiency and high profitability. The company was founded in the year 1979. The present CEO and COO of the company are Emad Rizk and David Mason. It is having various subsidiaries like connolly, Inc, connolly consulting associates and so on. The parent organization of cotiviti is Cotiviti Holdings. They focus more on the financial quality of their client's performance.

Process of the interview

The interview procedure of cotiviti is quite simple and easy to handle. If you have basic knowledge and clear your first round then you can easily crack the interview.

  • The aptitude test of cotiviti is quite hard and contains most of the numericals and questions based on the aptitude. There is negative marking so you need to be precise with the answers. As you are going to give it for the first time read all instructions carefully and avoid too many attempts.
  • Next round is a group discussion where you will sit in the group of 5 with your fellow candidates. You have to prove yourself better than others in this round only after that there will be chances of your selection.
  • HR round is the next face to face round where the interviewer will ask basic questions from you.

Tips to crack the interview

There are few tips which will help you in cracking the interview.

  • You should be more focused with the fundamentals.
  • In your resume only add those languages in which you are good, don't try to mess everything.
  • Before answering any question, take a pause for a few seconds and then answer precisely with a brief explanation.
  • When the interviewer asks to write any programme and if you don't know then don't say No. Give yourself a try no matter whether it is right or wrong. DBMS is one of the major topics which should be clear. Your aim is to prove yourself better than other aspirants in all aspects.

Some previously asked questions

Let us come to know about some of the questions that has been asked in the previous interview sessions of the cotiviti. These questions will help you in planning your answers in advance.

  1. Tell me about your most fulfilling achievement.
  2. What was the worst situation with which you have dealt and how?
  3. Are you capable of handling multiple projects and able to deal with high pressure?
  4. In your perspective what are the basic qualities that an ideal boss should have?
  5. Do you think that there is any similarity between automobile and software? How?

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