How to Crack the Amdocs interview?

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  • 01st Mar, 2021

Amdocs is a great software and media company which is providing its innovative solutions and creative ideas in different companies across the world. They are successfully leading their company toward success with hard work. We are here with all the details on how to crack the Amdocs interview.

About the company

Amdocs is one of the leading multinational corporations which has its specialization in many sectors. The company is dealing with various services like communications, finances, digital enterprises, and media services. The company was founded in the year 1982 in Missouri of United States. It is having its headquarters in Chesterfield, Missouri of the US. The CEO of the company is Shuky Sheffer and the founders of Amdocs are Morris Kahn and Boaz Dotan. There are various subsidiaries of Amdocs like Vindicia, Projekt 202, LLC. Vubiquity and OpenMarket. In the year 2018, the company has earned a revenue of 397 crores of US dollars.

Process of the interview

There are a total of four rounds of the interview which are discussed here.

Writing Test

The first round will be an online aptitude test where you will have to answer all given questions. It is mandatory to clear this written test only then you will be eligible for the next round of the interview. There will be three sections based on the quantitative aptitude, verbal and reasoning. We suggest you answer each and every question as there is no negative marking.

Coding round

The second round of the interview is coding round which can be either online or in the form of a written test. You will get two questions for coding from which you have to answer at least one question correctly only then you will become eligible for another round. The questions can be either languages or programming.

Technical interview

It is going to be a face to face interview round where the interviewer will ask technical questions from you. He can either grill your CV and can even ask questions from your academics.

HR interview

It is the final round of interviews with the company HR, he will ask some personal questions from you like your lifestyle, family background, etc.

Some of the previously asked questions

There are various questions that have been asked previously in the interviews of Amdocs, we are here going to list down some of the questions for your reference.

  1. Do you participate in extracurricular activities? Tell me about your latest achievement.
  2. What do you mean by the regressing testing?
  3. Do you have any prior experience of working or have done an internship?
  4. What is HTTP? What is the difference between the HTPP requests?
  5. Do you know about C and C++? What is the difference between both of them?
  6. What are the types of linked lists available?
  7. What do you mean by Normalization and what is the need for it?
  8. What do you know about self join? Explain briefly and also write a query of it.
  9. Why are you looking to make your career in Amdocs?
  10. What are your strengths and weakness?

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