How to crack an interview in American express

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  • 14th Jan, 2021

Are you a fresher? Going for an interview for the first time? You don't need to be nervous, stay confident and answer everything with honesty. It is the only key to crack any interview. To provide with all of the necessary details we are here with how to crack interviews in American express. This will help you in knowing everything related to the company and their interview process.

About American Express

American Express is the largest American MNC company in financial services. It is also known as the Amex and is offering world-class credit cards, rewards, business services, gift cards, insurance, personal savings, travel and much more. The CEO of Amex is Stephen Squeri and was founded in 1850. The other subsidiaries of Amex are Travel impressions, Lounge buddy and many more. The founders of the company are Henry wells, William Fargo and John Butterfield. American Express has grabbed the most popular in terms of credit cards. They are offering prepaid debit cards and credit cards to all kinds of customers either commercial or retail.

How to crack an interview in American express

They are one of the average salary providers in the marketplace so if you are looking for a job just to begin your career, American Express can be a good choice. It is not very difficult to get places in American Express. With general knowledge and good communication skills, you can easily crack the interview.

Process of the interview

Before going for the interview in any company you must be aware of the entire procedure. There are three rounds of the interview. If you are applying for the technical profile then the first round will be of written test.

  • Round 1: In this round, you have to clear a small written exam, this will contain some basic questions related to your profile or academics.
  • Round 2: This is the second round with HR, it is also known as the technical round. Here you will be asked about yourself which is mentioned in your resume. Some technical questions can also be asked.
  • Round 3: It is one of the most difficult rounds to crack as it is going to be held with the senior team. Be prepared for this round.

What to do before entering an interview room

  1. You should be well dressed while entering the interview room. It will be good to be in the formals.
  2. Always keep extra copies of your resume with you.
  3. Go through all recent news about Amex
  4. Have a basic idea about the company, like when it was established, founders, CEO, etc.
  5. Latest winning awards and achievements of the company

Previously Asked questions

  1. Give your introduction in a creative way.
  2. What are the skills that you have?
  3. Why are you suitable for this profile?
  4. What will be your advice to the junior for developing more technical skills?
  5. What did HR ask you in the second round?
  6. Tell me about any co-curricular activities in which you have participated.
  7. What is your biggest failure or achievement?

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