Biochemical Engineering Interview Questions

Biochemical Engineering Interview Questions

  • Anu Chatterjee
  • 14th Dec, 2020

Biochemical Engineering Interview Questions

1) What is Biochemical Engineering?

2) What is myoelectric control?

3) Do you know about Alzheimer's disease?

4) What is therapeutic cloning?

5) What is Bioinstrumentation?

6) What is Rehabilitation Engineering?

7) What is a microarray?

8) What is ventilator and explain modes of ventilator?

9) What is anesthesia machine?

10) What is Systems Physiology?

11) How does a stereliser work in CSSD?

12) What are different types of ultrasound probe.

13) What is DNA fingerprinting?

14) What is Prosthetic Limb?

15) What is epilepsy?

16) What is Systems Physiology?

17) What is Sterilization?

18) What is materials requirement planning?

19) What is Frame Shift Mutation?

20) What is vortex formation?

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