BCC Online Test

BCC Online Test

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  • 17th Apr, 2021

BCC Online Test

Following are mostly asked Bcc online test MCQ test that are designed for professionals like you to crack you interviews. You can take this Bcc online test online test before appearing to you real interview. This Bcc online test quiz there are around 30+ multiple choice questions on Bcc online test with four options.

1) Which of the following is not a operating system?

  • A. Oracle
  • B. DOS
  • C. Linux
  • D. Windows

2) Primary memory is used by the:

  • A. CPU
  • B. user
  • C. input device
  • D. None of the above

3) A small amount of memory included in the processor for high speed access id called:

  • A. cache
  • B. register
  • C. RAM
  • D. ROM

4) WAV file format is associated with what type of files?

  • A. sound
  • B. image
  • C. word document
  • D. video

5) FTP is stand for:

  • A. File Transfer Protocol
  • B. File Transfer Program
  • C. File Thread Protocol
  • D. None of the above
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6) ALU is stands for:

  • A. Array Logical Unit
  • B. Application logic unit
  • C. Arithmetic logical unit
  • D. Application logic universal

7) What is generally used for displaying information at public places?

  • A. Overhead
  • B. Monitors
  • C. Touch screen kiosks
  • D. Monitor and overhead projection

8) In an information system, alphanumeric data normally takes the form of:

  • A. Numbers and alphabetical characters
  • B. Human voice and other sound
  • C. Sentence and paragraph
  • D. None of the above

9) Measuring unit of capacity of hard drive is...

  • A. GB
  • B. GHz
  • C. G watts
  • D. G newton

10) Protocols are:

  • A. Sets of computers
  • B. Sets of product
  • C. Sets of rules
  • D. Sets of maps

11) When you quickly press and release the left mouse button twice, you are :

  • A. Pointing
  • B. Double-clicking
  • C. Secondary-clicking
  • D. Primary-clicking

12) The operating system is the most common type of ______ software:

  • A. Word processing
  • B. System
  • C. Communication
  • D. None of the above

13) Gmail, a free web-based email service operated by which company:

  • A. google
  • B. microsoft
  • C. apple
  • D. yahoo

14) The length of a word in computer is measured in:

  • A. meter
  • B. kilometer
  • C. bits
  • D. byte

15) What is the first Indigenously developed Super Computer of India?

  • A. Aryabhatt
  • B. Tejas
  • C. Param
  • D. Anupam

16) Which Indian IT expert started web-based email service HOTMAIL in 1996?

  • A. Ajim Premji
  • B. Vinod Dham
  • C. Narayan Murthy
  • D. Sabeer Bhatia

17) ...........represent approximately one billion memory locations:

  • A. Terabyte
  • B. Gigabyte
  • C. Megabyte
  • D. Kilobyte

18) The term USER INTERFACE refers to:

  • A. How the operating system responds to user commands
  • B. The means by which the user interacts with peripheral devices on the computer.
  • C. What the user sees on the screen and how they interact with it.
  • D. None of the above

19) Which of the following storage devices has the most capacity:

  • A. CD-R
  • B. DVD
  • C. Floppy Disk
  • D. VCD

20) Virtual memory is:

  • A. A form of RAM
  • B. Related to virtual reality
  • C. A form of ROM
  • D. None of the above

21) Word BLOG is combination of two words:

  • A. Wed-lock
  • B. Wave-log
  • C. Web-log
  • D. Web-blog

22) What is the full form of e-mail?

  • A. Electric mail
  • B. Electronic mail
  • C. Electromagnetic mail
  • D. None of the above

23) A URL is:

  • A. The address of a document or page on the world wide web
  • B. An acronym for unlimited resources for learning
  • C. A computer program
  • D. A type of web server

24) BIOS stands for:

  • A. Better Integrated Operating System
  • B. Backup Input Output System
  • C. Basic Input Output System
  • D. Battery Integrated Operating Setup

25) Which of the following is not a storage device?

  • A. Hard disk
  • B. DVD
  • C. Mouse
  • D. Floppy disk

26) Which of these is the first web-based e-mail service?

  • A. rediff mail
  • B. hotmail
  • C. gmail
  • D. yahoo mail

27) What was the first general-purpose electronic computer?

  • B. ENIAC
  • C. IBM-405
  • D. None of the above

28) Pentium is related with which part of the computer:

  • A. DVD
  • B. Hard disk
  • C. Microprocessor
  • D. Mouse

29) What does BCC means in EMail?

  • A. blind carbon copy
  • B. black carbon copy
  • C. business computer center
  • D. None of the above

30) What is the shortcut key of printing a document for computer having windows?

  • A. Alt + P
  • B. Shift + P
  • C. Ctrl + P
  • D. Ctrl + Alt + P

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