AWS Lambda Interview Questions

AWS Lambda Interview Questions

  • Bhavesh Joshi
  • 14th Feb, 2021

About AWS Lambda

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a one of the best cloud service from Amazon, which offers services in the form of building blocks, these building blocks can be used to make and deploy any kind of application in the cloud. AWS Professional Level Training presents the data and specific aptitudes for drawing out scattered applications and structures on organize. Individuals will broaden favourable presentation about the plotting and passing on of versatile and extraordinarily adaptable server setup on these courses. AWS an announcement level sorting out has wound up being fundamental for the working IT accomplices who have a hand on obligation for no short of what one year. The AWS relate level prepare is dealt with in such way that the hopefuls could have clear data about the benchmarks of design.

AWS Lambda Interview Questions

1) What is AWS Lambda?

2) What are the languages supported by AWS Lambda?

3) What is Auto-scaling in AWS Lambda?

4) What do you know about AMI?

5) What is Serverless Architecture?

6) List some limitations of AWS Lambda?

7) What are aws lambda path parameters?

8) What is Hybrid Cloud?

9) What is an SQS dead-letter queue?

10) What is Elastic Beanstalk?

11) What is Virtual Private Network?

12) What is an AWS Lambda application?

13) What is Runtime interface emulator?

14) What is an external extension? List some Lambda runtimes external extensions?

15) Explain AVX2 vectorization in Lambda?

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