Agile Scrum MCQ

Agile Scrum MCQ

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Agile Scrum MCQ Questions

Following are mostly asked Agile scrum MCQ test that are designed for professionals like you to crack you interviews. You can take this Agile scrum online test before appearing to you real interview. This Agile scrum quiz there are around 30+ multiple choice questions on Agile scrum with four options.

1) Which of the following is delivered at the end of the Sprint?

  • A. A document containing test cases for the current sprint
  • B. An architectural design of the solution
  • C. An increment of Done software
  • D. Wireframes designs for User Interface

2) Which of the following activity is not timeboxed?

  • A. Sprint Retrospective
  • B. Sprint
  • C. Product Backlog Refinement
  • D. Daily Scrum

3) What activities are a part of Product Backlog Refinement?

  • A. Estimate the Product Backlog Items
  • B. The ordering of the Product Backlog Items
  • C. Creating the Definition of Done
  • D. Creation of tasks

4) What should be the size of the Development Team?

  • A. 5+-3
  • B. 5+-4
  • C. 6+-3
  • D. 6+-2

5) What happens when all the Sprint Items cannot be completed?

  • A. The Sprint should be extended
  • B. The Sprint ends with the done items
  • C. The Sprint should be canceled
  • D. The unfinished Sprint items should be removed from the Sprint Backlog
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6) Who should necessarily attend the Daily Standup meeting?

  • A. The Scrum Team
  • B. The Development Team

7) What do we mean by across-functional Development Team?

  • A. Each of the Development Team members should be cross-functional
  • B. The developer should able to create test cases and execute them
  • C. The Development Team should collaborate with the other Development Teams
  • D. The Development Team should have all the skills necessary to deliver the Done Increment

8) What is a Sprint Review?

  • A. Activity to improve Scrum Processes
  • B. Activity to seek approval for the work done
  • C. Activity to plan for the next Sprint
  • D. Activity to Introspect and Adapt

9) What is done during a Sprint Review Meeting?

  • A. The team discusses the improvements that can be applied for the upcoming sprints
  • B. Inspect progress towards the Sprint Goal
  • C. Discuss the architectural and technical aspects of the project
  • D. Demo of the Increment

10) What is the significance of determining a Definition of Done?

  • A. Determines the number of tasks being completed for each Sprint Backlog item
  • B. Determines the objective behind each sprint
  • C. Increments delivered are more effective and potentially releasable
  • D. Increases Transparency

11) In Scrum, when is a Sprint Over?

  • A. When all the Sprint Backlog Items are completed
  • B. When the Product Owner suggests
  • C. When all the Sprint Backlog tasks are completed
  • D. When the time box expires

12) What are the main responsibilities of a Scrum Master?

  • A. Facilitating meeting as and when requested
  • B. Helps the Product Owner order the Product Backlog
  • C. Bridging the Gap between the Team and the Customer
  • D. Removing Impediments

13) What does a BurnDownChart display?

  • A. Project Progress
  • B. The velocity of the team
  • C. The capacity of the team members
  • D. Amount of remaining work with respect to time

14) What are the main responsibilities of a self-organizing development team?

  • A. Monitor the Project?s performance and send a report to stakeholders
  • B. Create new Product Backlog items
  • C. Tasking the current Sprint Items
  • D. Develop the Sprint Backlog items

15) Who is responsible to measure the Project?s performance?

  • A. The Scrum Master
  • B. The Delivery Manager
  • C. The Scrum Team
  • D. The Product Owner

16) Which of the following best describes the technique that is used when there is a desire to make a collective decision among individuals, in a non-judgmental setting, to discuss a specific agenda item with the goal of coming up with a plan of action.

  • A. Charter review
  • B. Release plan meeting
  • C. Iteration planning meeting
  • D. Brainstorming

17) Which of the following would not provide useful information in creating a Persona?

  • A. An age for the persona
  • B. A picture of the persona
  • C. A name for the persona
  • D. All of them are useful.

18) If a new requirement emerges once an Agile project is running, it should be:

  • A. Automatically included in the work of the project
  • B. Automatically excluded and left until a later project
  • C. Put onto a list for consideration by the wider group of stakeholders after the project has been completed
  • D. Assessed for importance and, if important to the business, included in the project, displacing less important requirements

19) In order to communicate well, the Agile project should:

  • A. Keep team-size large, to avoid anyone being left out
  • B. Only operate with one team of less than 10 people
  • C. Always back up face to face communication with a written report
  • D. Break the project into small teams

20) When a team is successful?

  • A. It should be encouraged to celebrate success only when the project is over
  • B. It should never celebrate as this wastes company money
  • C. It should never celebrate as this makes less successful teams feel bad
  • D. It should be encouraged to celebrate immediately

21) An Agile project should have:

  • A. Occasional early deliveries, if the business is prepared to accept lower quality
  • B. A regular pattern of delivery of developer-focused products
  • C. An irregular and unpredictable delivery of products
  • D. A regular pattern of delivery of business-valued increments

22) An Agile project?

  • A. Should have no control over its progress
  • B. Is always out of control
  • C. Is controlled by the velocity of the most junior team member
  • D. Should be able to demonstrate control of its progress

23) Once a project is underway, the approach to planning is:

  • A. Plans should never be changed
  • B. Plans should only be changed with full approval of all stakeholders
  • C. Plans are not required
  • D. It is normal to need to plan and re-plan as the project progresses

24) The reason for holding regular retrospectives is:

  • A. It allows the team to take a welcome break from work
  • B. It gives management information to use in team members? performance reviews
  • C. It prevents deviation from the process which the team has been following
  • D. It allows learning which can be used to improve team performance during the project

25) A burn-down chart shows ?

  • A. The declining energy level of the team
  • B. The number of hours worked after dark
  • C. The rate of reduction of budget for a project
  • D. The progress of the work and features completed

26) A sustainable pace means ?

  • A. If the team work long hours regularly they will get used to it, and be able to sustain it
  • B. A 40 hour week is for the weak
  • C. Working long hours is the only way to deliver early
  • D. The team should establish a velocity which can be sustained with normal working hours

27) Which of the following are attributes of an Agile team?

  • A. Infinite patience
  • B. Cynicism
  • C. Hope and charity
  • D. Trust and courage

28) An Agile approach values ?

  • A. Process over people
  • B. Plans over process
  • C. Plans over people
  • D. People over process

29) The leadership style of an Agile Leader is ?

  • A. Fascinating
  • B. Fabulous
  • C. Fantastic
  • D. Facilitative

30) The working culture of an Agile team is ?

  • A. Collective
  • B. Connective
  • C. Contemplative
  • D. Collaborative

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